At Two's Company, we're always looking to partner with new and exciting brands to bring delight and smiles to our customers

East of India

Designed in the United Kingdom

East of India was started in England by John Ayris and Anne Spratling in 1991. On a trip through Asia in the early nineties they met a talented man who had a beautiful wooden pig for sale, hand-carved from a tree he had grown himself. They bought the pig and several other pieces and took them home as gifts for friends and family. The gifts were so well received and demand for them so great, they decided to start their own business introducing these beautiful handmade goods to the UK and East of India was born.

Today, all East of India products continue to be designed with love and care at their studio in Folkestone, England. They have developed some wonderful resources to help craft their designs using traditional skills passed down through the generations. In fact, today East of India supports not only that original talented man but his family and friends. It’s the skills of these craftsman and others that give East of India products a distinctive and unique quality. With their support and guidance, we bring you to this unique collection that touches people, bringing smiles and celebrating the good things in life.




Made in South Africa

The Eat.Art brand (by Cape Herb & Spice) - is driven by an indelible love of food coupled with uncompromising expertise in design, food trends and packaging. Eat.Art has carved its niche in the global gift and fine food industry as an innovator of unique food gifting products of the highest quality.

The history of the spice trade goes back centuries with the rise and fall of empires often tied to their acquisition and distribution.  many years. Only a very select handful of goods were transported great distances across the world in trade – among the most revered were cinnamon, pepper, clove, nutmeg and mace. A large part of South Africa's history is defined by its pivotal role during the spice route era, when 16th century seafarers began to circumvent the African continent as an alternative to journeying across the increasingly conflicted territories between Asia and Europe. Apart from its strategic position as a halfway house between east and West, the city of Cape Town began to develop a culture all unto its own – a culture perhaps most notable in its culinary scene - infused exotic sense and bold flavors blending European African and Asian cultures.

Centuries later, the tradition lives on through the brand and parent company Cape Herb & Spice.  Their sourcing team searches the world for the best quality herbs teas and spices crafted into gifts that tell a flavor story.  For over 30 years the team has worked with regional growers whose roots go back centuries in cultivating the best quality products. In fact over 80% of the herbs and spices are procured from sources with a focus on sustainable farming practices. The herbs and spices have a 24 month shelf life.



One Hundred Stars

Designed in the United Kingdom

One Hundred Stars was created in 2015 by two sisters, Rona and Heather Stevenson from Sheffield England, to fulfill a dream of sharing their eclectic style and taste. Their roots have always been in textiles; their father an upholsterer and their mother a passionate seamstress. A creative chaos would be one way to describe their childhood household full of color, patterns and design. They love what they do, the pleasure they feel when seeing our designs come to life is the best feeling ever. Each design in our collections has their own personality, just like the people who are wearing them. Each product is made from the softest materials and are effortlessly stylish and easy to wear. We know that when thrown on, instantly, you will feel comfortable, confident and chic.